Two integral components that define English gaden style are the landscape garden and the herbaceous border. In the eighteenth century, garden designers in England grew tired of the planned formality showcased in French and Dutch gardens, and instead focused their efforts on designing what has come to be known as the landscape garden. Large estates were artfully transformed into rambling, picturesque scenes. Hills, meadows, lakes and grottoes were all constructed with the intent to emulate nature. Visitors to these gardens were direted from one landscape picture to the next by a series of paths. The gardens had to be waolked through to be experienced, as eah area contained its own surprises and vistas.

The English have also beome widely known for their flower borders, with perennials, annuals, and sometimes shrubs combining to form masses of color. this contribution was spearheaded by the team of Gertrude Jekyll, a trained painter and garden designer. and Edwin Lutyens, an architect, who together designed an array of gardens and country houses all over England. 

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